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About me

Hello I’m Charlotte Hughes, a Pilates instructor, Barre Concept teacher and mother of three boys. Sport and fitness has always been a big part of my life. I graduated 2001 as a PE teacher with a BSc in Sports Development. However it was my ongoing back pain and the constant referrals to my Osteopath and Physio that lead me down the path of becoming a Pilates instructor. 

The knowledge I had gained in training as an instructor came into its own in 2008 after I had my first son and needed back surgery. My recovery was super quick. I didn’t need physio or rehab as my Pilates exercise restored me back to full movement. My body got stronger and stronger and I’ve never looked back. 

After having my second son in 2012 I was looking for something that had the principles of Pilates but with more high intensity cardio element to it so I turned to Barre Concept and became a qualified Barre Concept teacher. 

After my 3rd son in 2015 I trained in Reformer Pilates. This opened up my area of 1:1 training where I could incorporate my PE and anatomy background to work with people specifically with back pain and injuries to give them the required strength and body awareness to help them improve their movement.

My Approach

I believe our bodies are designed to move in as many ways as possible. I always add as much variety and movement into each of my classes. I aim to teach the fundamentals in Pilates with a strong focus on form and control.  Everyone’s body is different but there is such a variety of Pilates exercises and equipment it is suitable for everyone. I hope you will finish a class with me feeling length in your body, strength through your core and an awareness of your posture. 

The ultimate goal is for an increase in your flexibility and core strength which results in a sustainable reduction in joint and limb pain as you age.

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