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Work out with me anywhere, anytime with access to my on-demand library for just €20 a month.

New classes and challenges are added to each month.

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Wondering what class to do?

Explore our selection of on-demand classes below; you might find a class that suits your needs.

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We have a number of free classes for you to try. Get a feel for how an online workout can benefit you.

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The perfect combination of classical Pilates whilst raising our heart rate.

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Working with props to aid your excercise regime.

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The ideal solution for those days when you know you need to move your body and want to take it a bit easier.

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We will guide you through safe exercises when your back is feeling sore.

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Tone-up & tighten the legs and bum with a selection of specialised exercises.

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Have you got 20 Minutes?
We promise we can make it
worth your time with real results.

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This will suit everyone hoping to improve their range of movement.

Group 9952-gigapixel-standard-scale-2_00x.jpg

A toning, body-weight-lifting workout, engaging muscles you wouldn’t normally target.

Group 9953-gigapixel-standard-scale-2_00x.jpg

For those who are familiar with Pilates and want to push themselves.

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