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The Ski Program

  • 21Days
  • 10Steps


Get fit for the slopes! Count down is on for your ski holiday and your hoping to make it extra enjoyable this year by being at your physical peak! Pilates will help with your mobiity....bending down to put those ski boots on, it will also help with your core as holding on to a pomer lift you do not want to fall off.....Barre classes will help your fitness and build strength in your legs. This program will give you a great start to get you going all while working out at home at your own pace! You should be getting your steps in also, aim to hit at least 6 thousand steps in a daily walk....yes that means getting out to walk during your lunch break, or later in the evening AFTER you have completed a class, its all worth it to be able to get that last ski run in at the end of the day....or to keep up with those pesky kids!

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